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    Promotions: Team Pro Online week

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    Welcome to Team Pro Online’s week!

    There will be promotions for everyone and you might even win a full package for the PokerStar Caribbean Adventure!

    B0TSzqBCMAAA6Vu (1)

    Are you excited? Read all the details on the official page!

    I will just explain how my twitter promotion will work.

    Twitter Promotion

    Until the 24th of October follow me and tweet @andrebcoimbra how many vpps you think I will have (Lifetime) by the end of Friday with the hashtag #COIMBRAHASVPPS

    The first tweet that gets the closest to the real number will win a ticket for an exclusive 22 players tournament on Sunday at 14:00 ET.

    There will be a $50 award for everyone playing this exclusive tournament and the top2 will get the chance to participate in the Team Pro Online Heads-Up challenge on the 27th of October, which might even lead to winning a PCA package!!!!

    I strongly recommend that you also follow other members of our team and participate in their twitter promotions, so that you increase your chances of winning!

    Follow @PSTeamOnline no Twitter for more details!

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    June Overview

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    At the beginning of June, Katerina and I talked about going somewhere on vacation, but we were invited to 2 weddings in Greece in July, so we felt like we had to work during the month of June because we weren’t going to do it in July.

    That was a colossal mistake!

    (Check Katerina´s perspective on her blog)

    In a profession where the difference between working 100% focused and 50% focused is the difference between making money and losing money, INVESTING in vacations and rest frequently is fundamental to be able to work at your full capacity.

    What I think works better for me is something like having 2 weeks’ vacation away from home in each quarter, but sometimes that’s hard to reconcile.

    Since there were no special series of tournaments and I didn’t feel like playing much, I decided to stop playing the Hypers for 2 months and start writing my book about tournaments!

    Then I remembered that I had to make 50k VPPs in June, so that my Supernova Elite status wouldn’t expire at the end of July! If it did, that would imply losing some thousands of dollars until the end of the year, because my FPPs multiplier would go down from 5x to 3.5x.

    For someone that is not familiarized with the status, after obtaining it, we have to make 50k VPPs per month until we reach 1M VPPs in order to keep it. Meanwhile, Pokerstars knows that their players need some vacations, so they allow players to miss 2 months of this requirement without losing their status.

    In January I wasn’t able to make the necessary points and if I failed in June, it wouldn’t be possible to go on vacations in July, so I had to play!

    I even thought about writing part time and playing the rest of the time, but I felt it was too hard to focus on two projects at the same time, so I focused on the only thing I really had to do in June, and that was playing.


    This month I ended up playing only 2 tournaments: a $215 turbo and the Sunday Million where I was the host. I didn’t reach the prizes in any of them, so it ended up being a “slightly” negative month with low volume.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 12.50.47


    At the Hypers I finished the month losing $427 at the tables, but I got $6710 in VIP Stellar RewardsVIP Cash Bonus and Milestone Cash Credit.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 12.55.19

    I have seen many mid-stakes sit-n-gos players thinking that is super important to be winning pre-rakeback*. For them to win more money through rakeback* than at the tables is less noble or something like that. I think that is ridiculous and I have noticed that those who normally have that argument end up being the ones that don’t have the bankroll to play the limits they want to play. Because they lack volume and don’t manage their bankroll properly, they are constantly trying to find someone to back them up financially.

    There are games in which the rakeback*, is not very important because you can manage to have very high margins in comparison to the rake that is paid, like multi-table  tournaments and normal speed sit-n-gos. However, for those who play Turbos and/or Hyper-turbos of 6 or more players ignoring that extra return can affect a lot your bankroll growth, because the margins at the table are smaller when compared to the rake.

    I’m not saying that it should be just “grind grind grind” to make money exclusively via rakeback* and leave aside the study and evolution of the game, or not consider them priorities. I’m also not saying that playing while being staked is bad, because there are cases where it´s mutually beneficial. But I think defining goals based on VPPs which depend fundamentally on us can be an excellent incentive to put the volume necessary to “beat the variance “and not be slackers!

    You can be sure that I won’t think of June as a month of -$427, but as a +$6283, because that was the boost that my bankroll got from the Hypers. At the grocery they never ask if the money is after-rakeback or pre-rakeback!

    Here is the monthly graph of the hypers:

    Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 12.53.57


    In June the VPP Balance was +55k VPPs, finishing the semester with 577k VPPS.



    I’ll probably hit 1M VPPs until the end of October or November and have some time at the end of the year to finish my book.

    Regarding my goal to run a marathon, I’ll stick with the half-marathon, because training for a marathon is very time-demanding, and if I  have to cut one goal for this year it’s this one because is the least important for me.

    Note that health and exercise are very important to me and I’ll continue with strength training + running 3-4x/week! However, I’ll stick to the 30-60 minutes runs, because I´m not sure if runs that are over an hour long are the best thing for your health.

    Please leave a comment with your opinion about this post and what was written here, or just “ I read it”!

    Your feedback is fundamental so that I can keep writing quality posts for you!

    *Rakeback at Pokerstars comes in the form of VIP Benefits and Promotions.

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    August League

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    My league starts today at my HomeGame!

    Daily Tournaments

    Until the end of August I will have a daily tournament with a different format for Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays!

    • Week Days (19:00*):  $1.10 6-max tournaments, with 5K starting stack and 3 minutes blinds.
    • Saturdays (16:00*): $1.35 Knock-out tournament, with 1k starting stack and 10 minutes blinds.
    • Sundays (16:00*): $1.10 tournament, with 20K starting stack and 5 minutes blinds.

    *All times are WET (Portuguese mainland time).


    League Prizes

    At the end of the month, the top 5 players of the league will earn a ticket to play September’s Team Online freeroll and get a chance to compete with our pros for a prize-pool of $1000 and $25 bounties on each pro!


    1. - If you don’t already have it, download the free PokerStars software from
    2. - Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
    3. - Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button
    4. - Enter my Club ID number: 6527
    5. - Enter my Invitation Code: seguidoresdocantinho

    That’s it! Once I’ve approved your membership request, we’ll be ready to start playing Home Games online together.

    If you want to find out more, visit our Home Games page.

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    May Review

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    During the first days of the SCOOP I tried to add some tournaments to my grind, but it was way too hard to play hypers and tournaments simultaneously!

    This might sound weird if you haven’t tried both formats, but I will try to explain…

    While I’m playing tournaments I don’t spend much time in most decisions, but in the end each tournament is defined by some key decisions where I might need up to a minute or something like that to make the best decision. I’m used to taking decisions within seconds at the Hypers, but it becomes really hard to focus properly on key decisions at tournaments and I end up making mistakes that I would never do on a… “slower” session. The hypers also get affected negatively since whenever I get a non-trivial decision at the tournaments, I end up not paying the proper attention to the hypers and make mistakes!

    During the SCOOP I won some $357 and $714 satellites and I forgot to un-register before the tournaments started, so I ended up playing some $1k and $2k tournaments!

    Let’s take a look at the results…



    Sharkscope says that I finished -$4k, but this time sharkscope is WRONG!


    On the image above I selected the line where I played a $1k+r tournament, because even though the result is -$2659, my cost was $1050 because I didn’t do a single rebuy or add-on!

    This is obviously a bad result, but if you take into account the buy-ins of the tournaments I played it’s perfectly normal!

    I will share three hands from that tournament that I played very close to the money:


    In the first hand I have AK and 8BB, so usually I need a very strong reason to not get all my chips in the middle!

    Well…, there are 4 players left for the money and there is a player with more chips than us with a reasonable range all-in.

    If we assume that vincentfish’s range is something like TT+, AJs, AQo it’s a coin flip for the AK! It’s possible that his range has more non-pair combos and that my equity is a bit better, but I seriously doubt that it goes up to 60% and even with that kind of equity it would be a mistake to risk the tournament 4 hands away from the money to try to get a 16BB stack.

    Hand History


    With Queens I should get around 70% equity versus his range, which is excellent in most tournament stages but I’m on the Button, now there are 3 players left for the money and the first paid spot is $4.2K.

    Being in the button means that I will get to see more 4-6 hands before I have to post a blind and with a turbo structure usually that’s enough for 3 players to bust.

    The fact that this tournament pays at least 2 Buy-ins for an ITM finish. That means we should play more conservatively when our tournament life is at stake than we would at a tournament that pays 1.5 Buy-ins or less.

    Between getting my money with the QQ, moving 70% of the times to 16.5BB and missing the money 30% of the times or making it in the money with 7BB and “freeroll” after, I prefer the 2nd option!

    Hand History


    This third hand was the hardest one for me, because I had the 2nd nuts!

    Obviously KK is much better than QQ, but…, I also think that this player has a much tighter range and this might sound crazy, but I think that in this hand my equity is actually worse than the equity I had at the previous hand! Since there was no fold equity on my side and the equity was worse, I folded.

    As you can see from the positions, I got these hands one after the other and while I didn’t maximize my chances of winning the tournament by taking a coin flip with some dead money in the middle, or a 70-30%, I think that I maximized my profitability and I was still able to “freeroll” after being in the money!


    It was a $5.7K finish and I dodged a -$8K month in tournaments.

    During June I’m not planning to play tournaments, so my results can’t really be worse than the ones in May when it comes to this format.


    During May I was doing very well at the $357s and during the last week of the SCOOP I gave another shot at the $714s since the player pool was very similar.

    Results of the month:


    The volume was about half of the previous month, but the average buy-in was 2x as big, so the total rake was very similar.

    I finished up $12990 plus $21437 from VIP Stellar RewardsVIP Cash Bonus and Milestone Cash Credit, so this was the most profitable month of the year so far!

    I will also leave you my graph:




    When it comes to VPPs, the month was slightly better than the previous month and I finally got a bit ahead of the Supernova Elite pace for the year.

    Life Style

    At the end of April I wrote:

    “But on the other hand, April left me completely tired of grinding, feeling that these VPPs marathons are getting harder and my will to play poker decreases substantially when I go through them.”

    During May I didn’t slow down on volume and when the SCOOP ended I spent the next 3 days sick at home recovering. I think that I pushed my nervous system too much :(

    Since I got a bit worried about this situation I did some research about stress and I found this book: “Tired of Being Tired

    Tired of Being Tired: Rescue Repair Rejuvenate

    I’ve finished reading the book and it changed my way of thinking about what is and isn’t healthy, so if you have stress related problems I strongly suggest reading it!
    Please leave a comment with your opinion or a simple “I READ IT!” :)
    Only with your feedback I can keep improving and write better blog posts for you!
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    VIP Club Live – Lisbon

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    April Review

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    I wrote this post originally in Portuguese on a month ago, but with all the SCOOP grind I ended up not finding time to translate it and I just don’t trust other people to translate my posts… I feel that there is always some loss.

    Sorry for the delay!

    April Review

    I ended the March Review saying that:

    “During April and May I’m going to ‘work my ass off’ and put an insane volume to make it up for the lack of VPPs during the first quarter of the year.”

    That’s what I did!

    Let’s see some numbers…


    I warned you in the previous review that after 3 months of putting in the minimum volume in tourneys and wining money nevertheless , it was a matter of time until I had a month with moderate losses, and that’s precisely what happened in April.

    The only somewhat relevant result was a final table in a $82 hyper-turbo with 158 players, in which I finished 5th.


    I increased my volume at the hypers by close to 53% in comparison with March, and my average buy-in escalated about 48%.

    This represents both a vertical and horizontal expansion with positive results, something very hard to accomplish!

    With a profit of $4182 plus $20818 of VIP Stellar RewardsVIP Cash Bonus and Milestone Cash Credit., it was the most profitable month of the year so far!

    Check out the monthly hypers graph:

    SharkScopeChart (3)

    At the beginning of April I was playing well and when I added the $357s to my grind it went pretty well.

    Then I added the $714s to take a shot. I’ve always tried to play games where thee were 3-4 non-regular players, but I couldn’t put in a big volume, and the results were weak. Each time I lost one of those sit-n-gos I felt that it affected me psychologically and I ended up sleeping a bit worse, so I just stopped playing them.

    Whenever I play lower sit-n-gos and get a bad beat in a situation where I know I’m winning money because the opponent made a mistake, I feel fine! At the $714s however, I couldn’t reach that state of mind, because since I was just taking a shot, I end up being dependent on good results to keep playing them.

    Another problem with the $714s is that I am only able to play them during the COOPs, since PokerStars doesn’t have a regular $2100 tournament in the weekly schedule. This way I don’t know how long it will take me to play a meaningful sample. Is it really worth playing if I know I probably won’t be able to put in a volume big enough to get consistent results?

    I might be able to create an equation where it’s reasonable to play them, maybe if they were super soft games where if I lost some buy-ins it wouldn’t affect my bankroll, but here we are talking about games with 2-3 non regular players and at least 200 buy-ins, or a bankroll of $142K+, which probably won’t happen this year. This is because if the games are easier, then my profit from each game is bigger and, with higher ROIs downswings end up being less harsh.

    I think that I will keep playing the $357s regularly until the end of the year, since they are available every Monday, Tuesday and during all the other days during the COOP’s. Doing this will allow me to put a reasonable volume during the period of one year, making it possible to see predictable results in a 1-2 years period. However, I will be selective when it comes to the tourneys I sit at, and won’t play games where there isn’t at least one (preferably two) players that haven’t really studied the game.



    When it comes to VPPs it was a brilliant month, and I finally caught up with the necessary rhythm to achieve Supernova Elite this year.

    I ended up more than doubling the points I had gotten in March, so you can really feel the effort I did in April when it comes to grinding!


    During April I ran less, studied a bit less than during the previous months and increased the volume in order to catch up the Supernova Elite pace.

    I wrote in my Half-Marathon post that I feel healthier and better when I ran regularly, and the opposite is true when I don’t.

    In my article on 5 Lessons from 5 Million VPPs, I stated that when I don’t feel like playing poker it is because I’m not studying enough.

    Now picture not running, not studying much, and many spring allergies in the mix…!

    You know…, on one hand I am super happy with my results this year! In March I was able to cash out my initial bankroll for 2014 (around 300 buy-ins for the $74s) and play only with the profit I had gotten until then. In April, my bankroll increased a lot and I feel that I can make a lot of money playing a game where you mostly play with 10 Big Blinds and each game doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

    It’s amazing!

    But on the other hand, April left me completely tired of grinding, feeling that these VPPs marathons are getting harder and my will to play poker decreases substantially when I go through them.

    I believe that in May I will be able to reach 500K VPPs, but my focus will be set on playing well, playing whenever it is really worth it, and having a more balanced life. I feel that if I kept going with April’s rhythm, I would burn out quicker and apart from feeling bad my results would get worse and I wouldn’t want to play this anymore.


    The SCOOP begins today and I will  be playing the majority of the existing Turbos along with the $1K Main Event.

    I believe that I am a winner in low, mid-stakes, and maybe some higher stakes tournaments with a lot of recreational players, but I don’t like playing long tournaments, because I ruin my schedule and in addition to feeling worse, I end up losing consistence in my regular games.
    The reason why I play Turbos is that they fit much better in my schedule and I feel better playing the.
    I will also host the #03 and #06 events, so if you reach the final table in those tournaments I will be there to with you luck! :)
    Please leave a comment on facebook or twitter with your opinion on this post, or even a simple “I READ IT” :)
    Your feedback is of the utmost importance so that I can write quality posts for you!
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    Hall of Fame

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    On the 12th I reached a very important milestone in my career: 5 Million VPPs at PokerStars!


    What does this mean?

    To put things in perspective, I got as many VPPs as the VPPs required to reach the prestigious Supernova Elite status 5x!


    Apart from all the money that I got during the years in the form of VIP Stellar Rewards, VIP Cash Bonus, VIP Cash Milestones, VIP Tournaments, etc that allowed me to have very stable finances, I will also get:

    Hall of Fame Induction, including a short bio and photo on the page.

    Hall of Fame Induction

    5.000.000 Icon on the PokerStars software and direct support from PokerStars  senior staff via phone.


    An exclusive Slyde watch that will be given to me at an official live event.

    SLYDE Sport Black & White - EPT 10 High Roler Winner

    I want to thank everyone that has been following me in my path and I hope sincerely that this post will motivate you to go further and be sucessfull on the Poker world!

    Keep in mind that when I had as many VPPs as you did I wanted more! :)


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    March Review

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    During March I got featured in some Portuguese newspapers/magazines, national news and went to a TV Show!


    I also participated in the Ronaldo promotion for Portuguese players and got the “Charity Award” from a newspaper.



    It was a great month media-wise and I got the chance to explain my perspective about this game we all love to a wider audience and hopefully improve the society’s overall impression of Poker.

    On the other hand interviews, TV shows, etc take a lot of time, so whenever you compare my Poker performances to other pros, please have that into account! :P


    In my previous January and February reviews I ended up talking about the tournaments I played since they had a big impact on my monthly results and March won’t be different!



    The biggest scores were a 18th place finish on the Sunday 6-max (+$1426) and a final table on the Big $162 (+$3592)



    I ended up playing these tournaments because I forgot to un-register after winning a satellite and they went very well!



    Obviously I’m being quite lucky in tournaments this year!

    Three months in a row with positive results playing just a bunch of tournaments per month is not sustainable on the long run and sooner or later I will have some months with moderate losses at this format.

    For the sake of consistency I will keep including the tournament results on my monthly reviews until the end of the year.




    At the hypers I got once again close to 10k sit-n-gos in March, but with a week off in Greece and all the time I spent on media related stuff I didn’t get there.

    That said, the results were amazing, finishing with a profit of $9692 and an additional $9121 from VIP Stellar Rewards, VIP Cash Bonus and Milestone Cash Credit.



    As you can see in the graph, I got a big downswing at the end of the month, but obviously I can’t complain!


    I forgot to take a print-screen from my VPPs at the end of March, so this is the one from the beginning of April:



    During March I accumulated 74548 VPPs, which is more or a less what I got in February.

    During April and May I’m going to “work my ass off” and put an insane volume to make it up for the lack of VPPs during the first quarter of the year.

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    Lisbon Half-Marathon

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    As you might know by now, one of my goals for 2014 is to run a Marathon!

    Honestly I’m not very good at running and until 2014 the biggest race I attended was a 10KM in 2011, so you can guess how much I have to work on my running skills this year!

    Whenever I want to figure out how to do something, I usually ask google and for this task I “googled” “How to run a marathon” in Portuguese. I found a page with multiple training plans and I chose to do the “novice” one. I was supposed to run 4x/week, but with all the media work that I got in the first quarter of the year, I ended up only running 3x/week during most weeks.

    Work has priority over my hobbies!

    Team Online Mikhail “innerspy Shalamov” has been into running for a while as you can see from his video:

    He saw that I was into running too and recommend readingDaniel’s RUNNING Formula

    The book is very good!

    Before running my first Marathon I thought that it would make sense to run a Half-Marathon or two, so I started by the Lisbon one in March!

    My goal was to run all the way and not stop or walk. Regarding speed I was planning to stay at 9-10KM/h, since it’s the speed that I managed to be consistent while training.

    I will leave you my data from Runkeeper app:


    While training, the biggest race I’ve done was a 16KM one, so moving up to 21KM wasn’t easy at all!

    Things didn’t start very well at the race, since there were a lot of people walking on the bridge and there was barely enough space to run among them, so the first Kilometers were a true obstacle race!

    After the bridge things got better and I finally could run without having to worry about the walking crowd!

    At this point my main concern was to run within my fitness limits in order to complete the race, so I ran at my comfortable speed and saw a lot of people passing through me at higher speeds.

    When I reached Kilometer #16 I was still feeling very well! I think that the race rush plus the constant hydration thanks to the waters that the organization was giving every 2KMs was good enough to help me beat my previous personal distance record.

    During the next 4KMs I was still feeling good and at this time I was the one passing through people that started by running really fast and couldn’t keep the speed so they had to walk to finish!

    The last Kilometer was the hardest part since I was already feeling extremely tired and my feet/legs were screaming “STOP STOP”, but…, no way I was giving up when I was missing less than 5% of the race…


    (Me and my sister after the race)

    I don’t know when I will run another half-marathon, but I will take a look at the Lisbon schedule and see which one fits my work schedule the best.

    Training-wise I need to work on a lot of different aspects and I will start focusing more on my speed!

    Also… I really enjoy running!

    Sometimes I listen to people talking about going out and all, but they very often end up in shopping malls, stores, etc. I find that kind of “going out” very boring and I find going out to run in the park so much better! Really, feeling the trees, the wind on my face, sometimes the rain, etc, that’s just magical! I’ve been feeling much more alive and even though I run a few times under the rain this year I didn’t get sick so far!

    Last year on the other hand with my challenge and massive sessions I spent a lot of time indoors, I got sick some times and I really missed this connection with nature that I get when I run!

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    February Review

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    During February I had some interviews for Portuguese mainstream media about my challenge and my charity, so I ended up getting a bit late on my blog posts.

    That said, I got some free time now and I will tell you about how February went for me!


    During February my work efforts were mostly on improving at the hypers to get as good as possible before Abril, since April-May are the months with the highest work volume at the hypers.

    That said, I ended up playing some MTTs… I played the Supernova+ freeroll, some TCOOP tournaments and some tournaments where I failed to un-register after winning a satellite. Usually I wouldn’t mention these tournaments on the monthly review since the volume was very small, but since the results were significant for the month (+$3857) I will talk a bit about them.

    The first relevant score was at the Sunday 6-max, that I played after winning a satellite and forgetting to unregister. 

    I usually finish my session as late as midnight and I ended up playing this tournament until 5am!
    So, it was a big stretch schedule-wise and it affected my schedule during the next few days, but the $2902 compensates for all that!

    The second relevant score was at the quarterly Supernova+ VIP freroll and I finished 9th for $2800.

    $2800 on a freeroll is a great result for sure, but I got quite unlucky on the last part of the tournament and missed the $4500 18th prize on an interesting kind of bad-beat…

    On the last hand of the tournament (for me) there were 3 tables left and I had the 3 tables open on my screen to follow all the action, since a single elimination would mean more $1700 for my bankroll. I know that many tournament pros don’t care about pay jumps and focus only on accumulating chips, but I feel that knowing what happens at the other tables lets me make better decisions on my table and if I have a relatively marginal spot to risk my tournament life while there is a good chance of being able to move a pay spot by just folding and waiting, I will skip those marginal spots and take the free equity.

    Those extra pay jumps really add-up after a year!

    Anyway…, we were playing hand by hand (special SNE freeroll feature with 19 players left) and I had a middle pair (77 or 88). On another table some player moved all-in before me with a smaller stack, so I took the +EV spot and move all-in with around 15BBs too since if two players get eliminated when the tournament is on hand-by-hand mode, the one with more chips at the beginning of the hand is the one getting the extra pay-jump.

    I got called by QQ and the other player with a medium pair as well got called by JJ.

    I should lose around 80% of the times in this spot, but I should get the extra pay jump 96% of the times!
    This happens because when I lose I still have the 80-20 on the other table working for me, so missing that extra pay-jump was like losing a $1700 pot on a runner-runner flush!


    At the hypers it was the first month of the year where I played the full month and I managed to play 8644 sit-n-gos with a profit of $1388.

    I spent $13K on rake, which means that I got back through Stellar Rewards, Cash Bonuses and Milestones something like $8.8K

    If you add the tournaments profits, hypers profits and VIP Club benefits, you can see that it was an excellent month for me!

    Regarding VPPs I finished the month with 73K, which is below Supernova Elite pace.

    The two factors that contributed to finish below pace are the time I spent studying and working on my game and my table selection, since I avoided games with 5 regular players.

    VPPs are obviously important and I’m going to work hard to make Supernova Elite this year, but I prefer to get my VPPs at a smaller rate and having to play more hours to accomplish the VPP goal, than to take a hit on my hourly rate and get worse yearly results.


    I haven’t started writing my book yet, but I have been reading about how to write/publish books to be as prepared as possible when I start. I think that I will only start writing it on the beginning of the second semester of 2014 whenever I feel more comfortable at the hypers and the traffic slows down.


    PS: I’m missing the links in this article because I’m writing from Greece and they have the links blocked. I’m planning to fix this once I get back home, but if you don’t know what something means in the meanwhile, don’t hesitate to search on google!

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    MAGIC: The Gathering World Champion 2009


    Andre Coimbra mg_2354_andre_coimbra_ept7vie_neil_stoddart photo3 0026 300288_10150345791453019_744853018_8231971_1643838017_n photo2 mg_2355_andre_coimbra_ept7vie_neil_stoddart andre-coimbra-acoimbra-18275



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